Leadership Development

Leadership decides whether a company will succeed or fail, therefore a good leader at the top of an organization makes all the difference. Human resource experts emphasize on the importance of advanced level of leadership at all levels in a company, and not only at the top like many people think. Large successful companies are known to continuously devise plans of developing leaders. The problem with most organizations is that they do not concentrate on bringing out the leadership qualities in their employees and thus they depend on the leaders at the top to make all the decisions in the company.

Most organizations do not deal with leadership on a personal level like it should be, they tend to concentrate on general leadership development which usually leads to ending up with leadership crisis. The development of leaders is in the hands of HR and thus a budget should include the costs that come with this important training. Some organizations only give their employees training for the sake of it and not because they are interested in the effect it will bring in the company. Such training is eliminated during a company recession and when everything goes fine it is regarded as extravagant.

The reason for the need of developing leaders is because the qualities they could have would be of great help in different aspects of the company. They turn workers into highly productive employees, dazzle the media and turn around a rather dull company to a bright one at the top of its game. A company without top-notch leaders will have high expectations but sadly, these expectations will not be met if they don’t make an important step in training their employees in leadership. There is no generic framework that can be used to define leadership and for this reason, the development of leaders varies with companies and trainers. The inconsistency is what makes the process unachievable in some organizations.

In most cases, the training of leaders involves inspirational talks from top-notch leaders, group exercises, and case studies, all combined with lectures. There are times when there is a need for outdoor activities to allow the employees to build strong bonds and create the perfect team that will steer the company to success. The program creates a “feel good ” attitude and the employees return to work ready to create a plan that will be of much help in the company’s success.

Leadership development programs should be carefully selected and clarified since it is a vital strategic need. Organizations should pay attention to these programs because these will shape their employees to be top leaders resulting in a more strategic and more profitable company.

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