Tools of Ben Harriman

Benefit Tool Distinctive benefit implies that an attribute or quality make something recognizable and distinguishable
Breaking Barriers Tool To define one wall, lets you identify challenges or road blocks and create moments of break through.
Challenge Tool This tool is designed to stimulate challenges to find solutions.
Define Tool To determine where you are at and what is important to you and where you want to go? This activity will bring clarity to your current position and develop the support required to advance you in your own development. Look in the past maybe three years what would you do differently now; look at what you are doing currently and what do you want to accomplish in the future for your family, health, and work. Remember you are the director, whats your vision. Ones life is meant not to be wasted.
Plan Tool This tool is designed to develop and deliver results that are backed by reason, plans and tested.
Purpose Tool To define and communicate the purpose. The purpose is made up of four parts who, what, how, and why. This activity will outline the legs of your purpose like a table; the more support the sturdier. The purpose is similar; determine the legs, and you know the strength of the purpose. Did you build it with wicker or concrete legs. Try and keep your answer to less then a sentence and you can expand in the belief box.
Resource Tool This tool is designed to challenge ideas on four major levels and whether you posess or have access to the capability for successful results.