Define Tool

Define Tool

To determine where you are at and what is important to you and where you want to go? This activity will bring clarity to your current position and develop the support required to advance you in your own development. Look in the past maybe three years what would you do differently now; look at what you are doing currently and what do you want to accomplish in the future for your family, health, and work. Remember you are the director, whats your vision. Ones life is meant not to be wasted.


How would you define the success you have acheived?: (Specific results you have accomplished)

How do you define a successful person?: (Example of specific things and people who have obtained this result)

How would you define success?: (Choose health, family, and/or work and describe what it would look like.)

How do you measure success?: (What specific action or result)


Can you define your need?: (What fulfills your health, family, and work?)

Define the needs of the people you see as successful: (What makes this person tick?)


Define why this belief is important: (What feeling do you believe is in this state of mind?)

Why do you believe this is important for other people?: (What’s in it for them?)


Where have your current beliefs lead you?: (What results, success, or failures have you acheived?)

What choices or habits can you identify that directed you to your current position?: (Specifically the feeling and the action that lead you to carry out your beliefs.)


The steps I believe will lead me to my ultimate direction: (Small actions you can accomplish right now)

The reward for accomplishment?: (How will you celebrate your accomplishments?)