Plan Tool

Plan Tool

This tool is designed to develop and deliver results that are backed by reason, plans and tested.


Define the belief: (The headline that grabs there attention. You have 1-10 seconds)

Challenge: (A question proposed for solution or discussion; something that by its nature or character serves as a call for action.)

Who: (Who needs this.)

Benefit: (Why are they interested and what does it solve.)

Connection: (Struggle or success that identifies and ties the receiver to the result)

Why: (I should believe because these facts)

Innovation: (What can you innovate to make a measurable improvement)

Forecast and Benefit: (Does this benefit equal the desired result. The net of the opportunity or result?)


Time: (A limited period or interval, as between two successive events either failure or success)

Knowledge: (Acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as from study or investigation)

Power: (The possession of control of oneself or command over others)

Money: (A source to supply, support, or aid in delivering results)


Who is the Solution Manager: (Who is the Solution Manager, remember they carry the responsibility of the project and will be tied to its success and failures)

Who is the Solution Coach: (Solution Coach will advise and challenge Solution Manager and carries the responsibility and accountability for results of the solution managers success and failures)

Who is the Solution Engineer: (Who will support with access to necessary resources the responsibilities of the Solution manager and will be tied to its success and failures)

Accountability: (When, where or how are you going to manage, and coach.)

Plan: (Reverse engineer from the result or desired result to create the system and processes to reach action steps to progressively work forward and why these actions equal these results.)


Strengths: (The winners. Why support this belief.)
Challenge:Are these beliefs strong enough by being supported by facts

Weakness: (The killers. Why not to support this belief.)
Challenge: Can you view this as a perception or reality; can you support the opposite with fact?


Communication: (Reach the interested in a language they relate to and understand.)

Action: (Specific sequence of events to achieve a result.)

Evolution: (Implement system innovation to achieve measurable success.)