The “Better Habits” decision engine is designed to promote the power of human potential. You can discover your answers inside the questions you ask. Everyone has their own definition of achievement; your needs, ambitions, and desires will ultimately shape the purpose of your journey. My process consists of three simple steps; each one plays a crucial part in delivering the results your capable of.

The 1st step is define. You need to identify your current position in life. What are my goals? What is keeping me from attaining my dreams? Am I willing to change? These are a few questions you may be asking or have asked yourself. Being self-aware enough to understand the need for change makes your journey to success possible.

The 2nd step is decide: defined as “something that somebody chooses or makes up his or her mind about, after considering it and other possible choices.” The decisions we make directly affect the realization of our goals. You will learn to examine your choices through a process we have termed “trickle-down decisions.” At the heart of this is the routine of considering how your decisions will impact every possible outcome. Life presents a number of opportunities every day. Which way will your decisions direct you?

The 3rd step is deliver. This is the action segment of acquiring success. Connecting the truth discovered through the defining process with the enabling conceived from making rock-solid decisions, you will be on the path of fulfilling your purpose. Without action there is no growth, gain or empowerment from your efforts. It would be like building your dream home and never moving in. What purpose would that serve? Congratulations, you are standing in front of a wide open door that will lead you to places previously only dreamed of.